Covering the basics at every stage: all the key activities throughout the entire exhibition cycle.

Before the event

6 Months +

If you are having to travel to another city or country then the sooner you can book your travel and accommodation then the better. This will help reduce costs and help guarantee you get a hotel as close to the venue as possible. You will also need to start putting together your objectives for what you want to get out of your visit.

3 Months

Start your preparation. Log onto the event website and pre-register, this will save you time and mean you don’t have to queue up when you arrive to the venue. This is also the perfect time to start putting together your plan of your “must see companies” and your “would like to see companies”.

4 Weeks

Review the exhibitor list to see if there are any new companies to add onto your list. Now is your time to start to contact the companies to arrange a time to meet with them on their stands. A piece of advice is not to book too many into one day. You also need to plan in conference sessions and some DYOT (Do your own thing) time so you can find new companies and see what else is happening on the show floor.

1 Week

Almost there, so why not confirm all your meetings, make sure you have all your travel and accommodation sorted and don’t forget your comfy shoes!

After the event

1 week

Now it is time to assess how you got on at the show. Did you hit all of your objectives at the show and meet all the companies on your must see list? We recommend contacting all of the exhibitors you met with to follow up and request any information you need about their products.

2 weeks

We recommend contacting all of the exhibitors you were unable to meet at the show and request any information you need about their products. 

3 weeks

Contribute to the visitor show survey and give us your feedback on how to improve and develop the show further. The post show survey is usually sent out 3 weeks after the exhibition.  

Who are Tarsus Support

Tarsus support are a dedicated team of customer service
representatives devoted to helping our customers with 
their questions or queries in order to get the most out
of their Tarsus show experience.