Local knowledge can be the key difference between success and failure for international companies looking to work in a new region. In this section we have consulted with our local experts for some points and tips to make sure you know the local customs for Shanghai.


Working hours

The official working week in Shanghai is Monday to Friday. The official organizations like the government offices usually work from 09:00 to 17:00 with a one-hour siesta.



The lawful drinking age in China is 18.



Shanghai in December is cold averaging between 11° / 3° with little rain. 


Good Manners

  1. Never leave an empty plate, an empty plate can be interpreted as inferring that the host did not order enough food.
  2. Be careful when placing your chopsticks, when eating out in Shanghai, place your chopsticks just to the right of the rice bowl before you eat and across the middle vertically after you finish.
  3. Let your host pay for dinner, offering to split the bill will be seen as insulting to your host’s finances.
  4. Always join in with a toast. The clink of your glass is important here, too: aim the lip of your glass to clink the bottom of theirs, as a nod to their superiority and status.
  5. Expect to talk money, money can often dominate Chinese conversations. 
  6. Keep the change, tipping is not a part of Chinese culture and can even be percieved as rudeness.
  7. Don't be offended by starting and pointing, foreigners are a noteworthy sight.


The Shanghainese language, also known as the Shanghai dialect, Hu language or Hu dialect, is a variety of Wu Chinese spoken in the central districts of the City of Shanghai and its surrounding areas.

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