Whether you are a first time exhibitor or a seasoned pro, this section is here to help you learn or refresh some key tips and points to make your exhibition journey as smooth as possible.

How to train your exhibition stand staff

If you have the right people working on your stand, you will significantly increase your chance of a successful show. 

Our guide to exhibiting overseas

Make sure you get the best out of your event and don't make the same mistakes so many before you have. 

Top tips to a successful trade exhibition

Whether you are new to the world of trade exhibtions or you are a seasoned pro, this is the guide for you. 

Exhibitor timeline

Time is precious to us all and we know how it can slip away, and before you know it's 10 minutes before the show opens and you are trying to find a plug adapter. We have put together a brief overview of what to do before and after the event.

1st time exhibitor

Choosing to exhibit at an exhibition for the first time can be a daunting task. There are always lots of questions that then lead to more questions. However this guide is here to help make this an exciting and valuable experience for you and your business.

Exhibiting at short notice

Your essential guide to exhibiting at short notice. Do not panic whether it is a month before the event or a few days, this guide will help you get through it.

Exhibiting tips

Here are some top tips to exhibiting. Establish measurable objectives and set out exactly what you want to achieve at the exhibition i.e. finding a local distributor or 60 qualified sales leads.

Stop The Drop

Work at height is a common activity when building and dismantling an event. Every accident can be avoided through careful planning, selection of the right equipment and working in a safe way.

Exhibitor Warning

Don't become the next victim, make sure you are aware of the current scams!

Who are Tarsus Support

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